ABS 415 Leadership and Ethics in a Changing World


ABS 415 Leadership and Ethics in a Changing World Week 1 to 5

ABS 415 Week 1

Discussion 1, Discovering Strengths in Leadership

Discussion 2, Ethical Leadership

ABS 415 Week 2

Assignment, Case Analysis Sycamore Pharmaceuticals

Discussion 1, Developing Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Discussion 2, Elements of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

ABS 415 Week 3

Assignment, Employee Motivation

Discussion 1, Motivational Techniques

Discussion 2, Leadership in a Crisis

ABS 415 Week 4

Discussion 1, Leadership Role in Diversity

Discussion 2, Transformational Leadership Transactional Leadership

ABS 415 Week 5

Assignment Final Paper, Personal Leadership Development Plan with Goals

Discussion 1, Vision and Mission Statements

Discussion 2, Recognizing Culture Gaps


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