COUN-6360-23 Final Exam Winter 2021

  • COUN-6360-23 Final Exam Winter 2021

COUN-6306-21-Ethics and Legal Issues-2021-Fall-QTR-Term- wks-1-thru-10

Final Exam - Week 10

1. Many states have laws requiring reports of suspected abuse of all of the following EXCEPT:

2. When reporting suspected child abuse in good faith, counselors should review their particular state statute to determine all of the following EXCEPT:

3. In order for a counselor to be competent to engage in group work, the counselor

4. The primary purpose of the ACA Code of Ethics is

5. If a subpoena for the counseling records of a client is received, a counselor who works in a mental health agency should

6. Pre-screening of group members

7. Parents who object to their child’s participation in counseling

8. The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)

9. Informed consent in group counseling should include

10. It would be ethically permissible for you to consider entering into a bartering arrangement with a prospective client if

11. Generally, counselors create clinical case notes

12. Studies regarding cultural bias in diagnosis have shown that

13. Within the counseling profession, the primary national voluntary certification agency is

14. As advocates, counselors are aware that

15. A counselor’s self-disclosure in a counseling session

16. If a counselor wants a person other than a biological parent (such as a step-parent or grandparent) to have confidential information regarding a child client, a simple solution is to

17. Competence is most closely related to the moral principle of

18. In the process of explaining informed consent in family counseling, counselors should

19. If a counselor is asked to disclose privileged information about a client who cannot be located, then the obligation to assert the privilege rests with

20. A fundamental tenet of the wellness model is that

21. When a husband subpoenas a counselor to reveal information in a court hearing that was provided by the wife in joint couples counseling sessions, and the wife objects to the information being revealed, the counselor

22. Malpractice is a type of civil lawsuit that can be filed against counseling professionals for practicing in a manner that leads to

23. Privileged communication statutes

24. The term “culturally encapsulated counselor” refers to a counselor who

25. Boundaries serve to protect the welfare of clients because

26. Cultural competencies in working with LGBTQIQ clients include

27. It is impossible for counselors to understand all aspects of the law but the best advice for counselors who face legal questions is to

28. The primary difference between counselors and other mental health professionals is

29. Family counselors often view the family system as their client and treat the family as one entity, as opposed to treating individual family members, and our laws

30. Minor clients have

31. The following are true of distance counseling services EXCEPT:

32. Counselors who work in the military may encounter unavoidable dual relationship issues because

33. In distance counseling, informed consent should include

34. When the client is deceased and there is no statutory language dealing with privilege and the death of the holder, the individual who usually is allowed to assert the privilege is

35. The primary purpose of diagnosis is to

36. The standard used to determine whether a particular counselor is qualified to administer and interpret a particular test

37. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), which is sometimes referred to as the “Buckley Amendment,” affects all.

38. Distressed counselors or counselors suffering from burnout are terms used to refer to

39. Friendships with former clients

40. Supervision agreements between a clinical supervisor and supervisee

41. In distance counseling, counselors may be subject to

42. Breaches of client confidentiality by counselors

43. A counselor who is under the clinical supervision of another counselor should

44. All of the following are challenges associated with distance counseling, EXCEPT:

45. To be a culturally sensitive counselor, when a client from a different culture offers a counselor a gift, the counselor

46. Law and ethics differ in that

47. The best statement about the nature of professional ethics in counseling is that

48. A core belief that members of the counseling profession hold concerning helping others with their mental health concerns is

49. At their most fundamental level, codes of ethics serve to

50. Counselors who function according to mandatory ethics

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