Privacy Policy


We are committed to preserving our customers' privacy. No data provided by our customers during Account Registration/Checkout process is shared with any third party for any reason/purposes.

The data collected in the Registration is solely for creating a more detailed customer profile in addition to providing an insight to our customer's geographic orientation and preferences.

Our Registration process is designed to require for minimum personal information. We do not require for your Telephone, Fax, City, Street Address, Business Address and other such details. E-mail is required for correspondence purposes. Country and State are required for geographic analysis only. We may send occasional e-mail to our customers to update them on any new/special features/promotions/offers.


We have Analytics framework in place to help us better understand our customers. No personal information of any visitor/customer is collected and/or stored with us in this process. This analysis is set in place only for enhancing our services by realizing customer interests and needs.

We do not share the collected Analytics data with any third party since this is strictly for our business review purposes.

More information about Universal Analytics can be viewed on Google's official page for Universal Analytics.