HUMN 303 Week 2 Discussion Question: 2019

HUMN 303 Week 2 Discussion

Select any work of art from one of the chapters we have read so far (Ch. 1-4) and write a response that analyzes the art through the lens of a descriptive critic, an interpretive critic, and an evaluative critic. What different things would these critics have to say? Use the following guidelines:

  1. Descriptive Critic: Address at least 3 different elements of art and/or principles of design.
  2. Interpretive Critic: This will require research so that you can understand the subject, meaning, and intent of the work.
  3. Evaluative Critic: Use the standards of perfection, insight, and inexhaustibility (as described in the text).


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  • HUMN 303 Week 2 Discussion Question: 2019

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