LDR 600 Week 1 Assignment, Leadership Profile

  • LDR 600 Week 1 Assignment, Leadership Profile

LDR 600 Week 1 Assignment, Leadership Profile

Complete the “Leadership Profile” graphic organizer.

Leadership Profile

The Leadership Profile assignment seeks to expose you to leaders that exemplify leadership qualities. This provides an opportunity to consider (if you have not already) the qualities of leadership with which you most identify.

Identify effective leadership traits. Search for a business leader that exemplifies the leadership trait. Identify the company and job title for each business leader. Include a description of how the leader exemplifies the leadership trait. Describe if the leadership trait inspires followership and why.

Leadership Matrix:

Effective Leadership Trait

Name of Person That Exemplifies Leadership Trait


Job Title

Description of How Leader Exemplifies Leadership Trait

Describe if the Leadership Trait Inspires Followership, and if so, How













Leadership Summary:

Provide a 250-500 word summary that further explains the role of power and influence within leadership. Which traits do you believe will inspire others? What qualities do you believe will foster effective leadership? Provide at two to five references, which may include the textbook.


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