NR 305 Week 4 Assignment 1, Patient Teaching Plan (Stresss and Time Management)

  • NR 305 Week 4 Assignment 1, Patient Teaching Plan (Stresss and Time Management)

Purpose:The purpose of this Patient Teaching Project is to develop a patient teaching plan and create a visual teaching tool aimed at promoting health and preventing disease for a specified patient population.


  • This Teaching Plan is Part 1 of the Patient Teaching Project. You will use this Patient Teaching Plan to create a Visual Teaching Tool in Part 2 of this project.
  • You are required to complete the form using the productivity tools required by Chamberlain University, which is Microsoft Office Word 2013 (or later version), or Windows and Office 2011 (or later version) for MAC. You must save the file in the ".docx" format. Do NOT save as Word Pad. A later version of the productivity tool includes Office 365, which is available to Chamberlain students for FREE by downloading from the student portal at . Click on the envelope at the top of the page.
  • Type your answers on this form. Click Save as and save the file with the assignment name and your last name, e.g., NR305_W4_Patient Teaching Plan Form_Smith. When you are finished, submit the form to the Drobox by the deadline indicated in your guidelines. Post questions in the Q & A Forum or contact your instructor if you have questions about this assignment.
  • The use of correct terminology, grammar, and spelling is important!Please write in full sentences. References should be written in APA format. Utilize in-text references when appropriate, and list all references in the space provided at the end of the worksheet.


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