NR 305 Week 7 Discussion, Assessment Techniques

  • NR 305 Week 7 Discussion, Assessment Techniques

NR 305 Week 7: Debriefing the Week 6 Head to Toe Assessment Assignment


Please consider the following in your initial post:

  1. Please share how physical assessment is performed in your practice area. How do you determine what type of physical assessment is appropriate in caring for your patients? Do you perform complete head to toe assessments, or are they typically more focused exams? (If you do not currently work in a patient care setting, you may reflect on observations from a clinical experience or prior work setting.)
  2. Based on your observations, do you feel that patient assessments performed in practice are as thorough as they should be? Explain your answer.
  3. Reflect on the assessment you performed for the video assignment. Perhaps you might compare your performance now, to how it might have been different when you were a brand new nurse? Or share something you learned (or were reminded of) by participating in this activity?


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