NRS 440VN Discussion Questions with Answers Topic 1 to 5

  • NRS 440VN Discussion Questions with Answers Topic 1 to 5

NRS 440VN Week 1 DQ 1

Discuss the events that have contributed (or will continue to contribute) to the nursing shortage, or that contribute to a shortage in a region or specialty. Discuss at least one way that the nursing profession is currently working toward a resolution of this problem. In replies to peers, offer different examples of how the nursing shortage has been addressed in your state, community, or specialty area.


NRS 440VN Week 1 DQ 2

Explain how health care reform has helped shift the focus from a disease-oriented health care system to one of wellness and prevention. Discuss ways in which health care will continue this trend and explain the role of nursing in supporting and facilitating this shift. In replies to peers, provide an example of wellness and prevention initiatives your organization or specialty area has in place.


NRS 440VN Week 2 DQ 1

Explain how inter-professional collaboration will help reduce errors, provide higher-quality care, and increase safety. Provide an example of a current or emerging trend that will require more, or change the nature of, inter-professional collaboration.


NRS 440VN Week 2 DQ 2

Describe one innovative health care delivery model that incorporates an interdisciplinary care delivery team. How is this advantageous to patient outcomes?


NRS 440VN Week 3 DQ 1

Discuss the correlation between nursing education and positive patient outcomes. Include current research that links patient safety outcomes to advanced degrees in nursing. Based on some real-life experiences, explain whether you agree or disagree with this research.


NRS 440VN Week 3 DQ 2

Discuss the difference between a DNP and a PhD in nursing. Discuss which of these you would choose to pursue if you decide to continue your education to the doctoral level and explain why.


NRS 440VN Week 4 Discussion 1

Choose one legislator on the state or federal level who is also a nurse, and discuss the importance of their role as advocates for improving health care delivery. What specific bill(s) have they sponsored or supported that has/have influenced health care?

NRS 440VN Week 4 DQ 2

Research legislation within the last 5 years, on the state or federal level that was created as a result of a nurse advocacy. Describe the legislation and what was accomplished. What additional steps need to be taken to continue advocacy for this issue?


NRS 440VN Week 5 DQ 1

Discuss a formal role where a nurse is in a position of leadership. Outline the essential responsibilities of that role and the educational preparation required. Explain what leadership traits, styles, or qualities are required to be successful in this role and why.


NRS 440VN Week 5 DQ 2

The influence of leadership can be far-reaching in practice and improving patient outcomes even when not in a formal role. Describe advocacy strategies that you can use as a leader to create positive change in your current workplace. In response to peers, describe a time when you provided leadership and the outcome. Was there anything that you would do differently?


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