SEC 340 Week 4 Quiz 1

  • SEC 340 Week 4 Quiz 1

SEC 340 Week 4 Quiz 1

(TCO 7) What type of backup site is a fully configured computer facility with all services, communications links, and physical plant operations and is capable of establishing operations at a moment's notice?

(TCO 7) Which backup method offers the fastest recovery time?

(TCO 7) Which of the following is not one of the three possible backup strategies?

(TCO 6) CERT provides nine best practices for responding to _____.

(TCO 6) A _____ roster requires that a contact person call each and every person on the roster.

TCO 6) A _____ roster has the first person call certain other people on the roster, who in turn call other people on the roster.

(TCO 6) Computer forensics has its roots in _____ and criminal justice

(TCO 6) The use of established _____ can facilitate the collection of legally defensible evidentiary material.

(TCO 7) The grandfather-father-son method of backup allows recovery of data for the previous _____ weeks.

(TCO 7) The Towers of Hanoi is more complex than other backup approaches and is based on statistical principles to optimize _____.


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