SOC 445 Week 5 Discussion 1 and 2: 2020

  • SOC 445 Week 5 Discussion 1 and 2: 2020

SOC 445 Topic 5 Discussion Question 1

Read the “Dave” case study located in the Topic 1 folder in MindTap. After reading the case study, recommend some appropriate interventions. Identify the stakeholders in Dave’s social services system. Considering the stakeholders involved in Daves life, how would you advise Dave to move forward toward change?

SOC 445 Topic 5 Discussion Question 2

Complete the “Cultural Competence Worksheet.” Describe the fictional client/consumer you created. Discuss the following: What you need to know as a social worker to work with a client/consumer from this kind of cultural background? How would you recommend interventions to another social worker based on the cultural background of this client/consumer population? How would a social worker with the Christian Worldview handle a client/consumer from a different cultural worldview? Keep in mind the NASW Code of Ethics when answering the question.


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