HCA 455 Topic 3 Assignment, Interview a Health Care Organization Leader

  • HCA 455 Topic 3 Assignment, Interview a Health Care Organization Leader

HCA 455 Week 3 Assignment - Interview a Health Care Organization Leader


Interview a leader currently working in a health care institution or organization that interests you. The interview should be at least 30 minutes in length. To prepare for this interview, develop 10 questions that focus on organizational behavior that you will ask the leader.

Ask questions that help understand and define the person's leadership and motivational approaches, and how these affect organizational behavior and culture. Consider academic and professional background, contributions to the community, problem-solving processes, mentoring activities, employee relations, position and role in the organization's structure, etc.


Write 1,000-1,250 word paper. Refer to the questions and responses from your interview. Analyze your findings using the information on leadership styles and theories, and the positive and negative outcomes associated with various leadership approaches, presented in this course. Summarize the conclusions of your analysis in regard to the following:

1. Describe the leadership style, or styles (transformational, transactional, visionary, servant, etc.) communicated by the leader. Provide examples to support your explanation.

2. Describe what motivational strategies used by the leader.

3. Identify organizational behavior/cultural issues the leader has formally or informally addressed. Describe the leader's role in those situations, and how the leader's motivational strategies or models affected organizational behavior/culture.

4. Describe the positive and negative outcomes that occurred as a result of the leader's overall approach.

5. Based upon the organizational outcomes, determine the most effective strategies the leader could implement in the future in order to improve, or continuing to improve, organizational and individual performance.


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