PSY 575 Discussion Question Topic 1 to 8 with Answers

PSY 575 Topic 1 Discussion Question 1

Describe how technology plays a role in the three components of Robbins's organizational model. Include a personal example of how you have observed technology's role in an organization.


PSY 575 Topic 1 Discussion Question 2

Select an organization you are familiar with. Determine if it has an organic or mechanistic structure and explain your reasoning.


PSY 575 Topic 2 Discussion Question 1

Explain how anchoring bias and overconfidence bias might reinforce each other. Analyze how these two factors influence the decision making process and lead to poor judgements. What steps might an individual take to avoid or at least minimize these two biases?


PSY 575 Topic 2 Discussion Question 2

Describe methods that a smaller organization, such as a start-up business or a "mom and pop" business, can use to help keep employees motivated despite not being able to pay average market value for wages in comparison to large scales businesses in the same industry. Explain how a business owner with a CWV might keep employees motivated. Consider Christian principles of Ethics in running a business.


PSY 575 Topic 3 Discussion Question 1

Look at an organization you are familiar with and identify a problem the overall organization has faced. Using the situational leadership model, indicate which leadership style would be most appropriate to solve the problem and why. How would approach be different from a traditional management approach? Explain.


PSY 575 Topic 3 Discussion Question 2

How might servant leadership apply in other cultural settings? Please provide an example. Discuss whether a servant leadership model or a situational leadership model might produce better outcomes across multiple cultural contexts. To the Christian, Jews in the ultimate model of servant leadership. Explain how a leader with CWV might handle cultural issues within an organization.


PSY 575 Topic 4 Discussion Question 1

Find examples of organizations where leaders have gained power by using leadership theories. Find an example for each of the three leadership theories. Explain why using those leadership theories give rise to success within the organizations.


PSY 575 Topic 4 Discussion Question 2

How do gender politics within organizations affect power? In what ways might gender politics and difference in power influence how organizations function? Explain.


PSY 575 Topic 5 Discussion Question 1

Discuss the pros and cons of an organization using written electronic communication such as email, instant messaging, or social media to communicate information. Find a real world example of an organization negatively impacting its own culture due to a use of email as the form of communication, such as Radio Shack example "Fall-out from negative messages".


PSY 575 Topic 5 Discussion Question 2

Make an argument, based on the research, showing whether you believe organizational cultures can change and why. Include the definition of organizational culture relative to its common characteristics and the factors that create/maintain culture.


PSY 575 Topic 6 Discussion Question 1

Do you feel that some third-party negotiation strategies are more appropriate for resolving disputes? Give your rationale for why you feel this way.


PSY 575 Topic 6 Discussion Question 2

What do you think are some of the things that determine whether or not mediation is successful? Why do those things determine the effectiveness?


PSY 575 Topic 7 Discussion Question 1

Think of an example of organizational change you have experienced or witnessed. Give a brief explanation of the situation. Based on the readings, give reasons why you feel the change was successful or not. What would you do differently were you in charge of this change? Use the readings from the text to support your rationale.


PSY 575 Topic 7 Discussion Question 2

Discuss why it is the best interests of an organization for managers to manage the stress levels of their employees. What negative consequences arise when employee stress levels are either too high or too low?


PSY 575 Topic 8 Discussion Question 1

Based on the Heorhiadi, LaVenture, and Conbere article, in what ways would transformative learning be distinguished from informative learning in HR recruitment strategies? How does transformative learning benefit recruitment practices? Find a real-world example you feel is an illustration of applying transformative learning in the recruitment and hiring process.


PSY 575 Topic 8 Discussion Question 2

Contrast single-loop learning from double-loop learning. Give examples specific to organizational training and evaluation practices in which each would be effective.


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