NSG 5003 Week 8 Knowledge Check Quiz 1

  • NSG 5003 Week 8 Knowledge Check Quiz 1

NSG 5003 Week 8 Knowledge Check Quiz: Advanced Pathophysiology: South University


Question 1 (1 point) The kidney is able to keep the rate of glomerular perfusion and GFR fairly constant over a range of arterial pressures. One mechanism responsible for the autoregulatory response in the kidney is:


Question 2 (1 point) Acute cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder and is the most common site of UTIs. A UTI is an inflammation of the urinary epithelium most usually caused by: Question 2 options: Fungus from the perineal area Bacteria from gut flora Herpes simplex 2 A worm or parasite Save


Question 3 (1 point) Different patterns of urinary sediment may be associated with varying types of glomerulonephritis. The loss of the negative electrical charge across the glomerular filtration membrane and an increase in filtration pore size enhances the movement of proteins into the urine. The type of sediment characterized by the presence of blood and varying degrees of protein in the urine is:


Question 4 (1 point) An 11-year old girl is seen in her pediatrician’s office. Her mother has scheduled an appointment because she is concerned that her daughter is developing faster than her friends. The pediatrician explains that a variety of factors influence the timing of puberty. The young client states that she has worn a bra for almost 2 years. Breast development is caused by the secretion of: Question 4 options: Estradiol Androgens Progesterone Gonadotropin Save


Question 5 (1 point) In female adolescents, egg production occurs:


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