NURS 6512N Week 6 Midterm Exam Review Week 1 to 6

  • NURS 6512N Week 6 Midterm Exam Review Week 1 to 6

NURS 6512 Midterm Exam Review (Week 1-6)

Building A Complete Health History

  1. Communication techniques used to obtain a patients health history
  2. Recording and documenting patient information
  3. SOAP note documentation
  4. Subjective vs objective information when documenting
  5. Ethical decision-making and beneficence


Diversity and Health Assessments

  1. Cultural awareness and diversity
  2. Socioeconomic, spiritual, and lifestyle factors affecting diverse populations
  3. Functional assessment

Assessment Tools and Diagnostic Tests in Adults and Children

  1. Growth, Development, and Measurements in children and adults
  2. Nutritional assessment to include recommended water intake and energy requirements
  3. Macronutrients vs Micronutrients
  4. Significance of a food diary
  5. BMI measurements for normal, overweight, obesity, morbid obesity
  6. Pernicious Anemia
  7. Examination techniques and equipment






Percussion (must be performed against bare skin)




  1. Diagnostic Assessment tools and tests to include tuning forks, BP monitoring, use of stethoscope, otoscope, ophthalmoscope


Tuning Forks


BP monitoring


Stethoscope (3 kinds)






Assessment of the Skin, Hair, and Nails

  1. Skin lesion characteristics
  2. Documenting skin lesions using ABCD rule
  3. Anatomy and physiology of skin layers
  4. Abnormal nail findings in older adults
  5. Psoriatic skin lesions
  6. Vesicular skin characteristics
  7. Normal vs abnormal hair distribution during aging
  8. Characteristics of hair distribution


Assessment of Head, Neck, Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat

  1. Cranial Nerves associated with the HEENT system
  2. Normal assessment findings of an adolescents nose and throat
  3. Normal examination findings of an infants fontanelles
  4. Examination findings of a patient with hypothyroid and hyperthyroid
  5. Techniques for examining the HEENT systems
  6. Examination findings for a patient with sinus symptoms
  7. Appropriate tuning fork frequencies to approximate vocal frequencies
  8. Examining the oral mucosa
  9. Hearing loss findings when examining the elderly patient
  10. Examination techniques used to examine the trachea and thyroid

Assessment of the Abdomen and Gastrointestinal System

  1. Organs involved in the alimentary tract
  2. Correct assessment order for examining the abdomen
  3. Examination technique and findings of the liver
  4. Examination findings associated with appendicitis
  5. Examining McBurneys sign
  6. Assessment of abdominal pain in women
  7. Landmarks for abdominal examination
  8. Characteristics of bowel sounds heard during auscultation



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