PSYC-4002 Week 6 Test Brain and behavior (Winter 2021)

  • PSYC-4002 Week 6 Test Brain and behavior (Winter 2021)

PSYC-4002-1-Brain and Behavior-2021-Winter-QTR-Term-wks-1-thru-6

Test - Week 6

1. Effective antidepressant drugs include:

2. The has been suggested as the switch controlling bipolar cycles.

3. Someone with schizophrenia will be impaired in which task?

4. Medical students were found to experience during than during other times of the year.

5. Which of the following disorders may involve abnormalities in mirror neurons?

6. The major a"ective disorders include:

7.   is an autoimmune demyelinating disease.

8. Which of the following brain regions is most active during positive emotions?

9. How do people with damage to the ventromedial cortex in the frontal lobe respond on a

10. In the United States, people will fall victim to a psychological disorder in their lifetime.

11. Which of the following has NOT been associated with short-term stress?

12. Phototherapy seems to work because it:

13. Compared to drugs, electroconvulsive therapy:

14. Males who have been convicted of violent crimes have been found to have levels than those who have not.

15. Individuals who have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder:

16. Why is adolescence a particularly significant period in the development of schizophrenia?

17. Women who have had their facial muscles paralyzed by Botox, and can no longer make a frown:

18. In contrast to chronic stress, short-term stress:

19. One of the most serious and intolerable side e"ects of traditional antipsychotic medications is/are , which originally was a sign that the medication was working:

20. If you had to name one limbic system structure as the primary structure involved in emotions of fear and anxiety, it would be the:


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