BUSI 411 Exam 3 (Set 2)

  • BUSI 411 Exam 3 (Set 2)

BUSI 411 Exam 3

1. Which of the following principles emphasizes that actions should make the community as a whole better off?

2. Which of the following is not an ongoing trend in manufacturing?

3. A "product package" consists of:

4. In addition to operations, which of the following is considered a "line" function?

5. Business organizations consist of three major functional areas which, ideally:

6. An organization's mission statement serves as the basis for:

7. Which of the following is not typically considered a cure for poor competitiveness?

8. Product design and choice of location are examples of _______ decisions.

9. The key to successfully competing is understanding what customers want and then __________ satisfy those wants.

10. The external elements of SWOT analysis are:

11. Which of these pairs of functions would tend to be affected most dramatically by a product or service redesign?

12. Elements of the service process in which there is no contact with the customer are referred to as: 

13. Which of the following is not one of the phases of product design and development?

14. Service typically involves a much higher degree of customer contact than manufacturing. 

15. A tracking signal focuses on the ratio of cumulative forecast error to the corresponding value of MAD.

16. Reliability refers to the ability of a product to perform its intended function under normal conditions.

17. The process of dismantling and inspecting a competitor's product to discover product improvement is called benchmarking.


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