BUSI 411 Exam 4 - Set 3

  • BUSI 411 Exam 4 - Set 3

BUSI 411 Exam 4

1. Everything else being equal, a firm considering outsourcing would find all of the following desirable except: 

2. The maximum possible output given a product mix, scheduling difficulties,  personal time, and so on is: 

3. Which of the following is not a reason why capacity decisions are so important?

4. Which of the following would tend to reduce effective capacity?

5. Students at a major university must go through several registration steps. Officials have observed that it is typically the case that the waiting line at the fee-payment station is the longest. This would seem to suggest that the fee-payment station is the ___________ in the student registration process.

7. Which of the following is not a process type commonly considered in making products or delivering services? 

8. A company is designing a product layout for a new product. It plans to use this production line eight hours a day in order to meet projected demand of 480 units per day. The tasks necessary to produce this product are:

10. A common goal in designing process layouts is:

11. A behavioral approach to job design in which workers periodically exchange jobs is known as:

13. Asking a group of employees at a particular level to take on more responsibility is a form of ___________ loading, also known as job __________.

14. A job has a normal time of 12 minutes, a performance rating of .80, and an allowance of 20 percent of job time. The standard time for this job in minutes is:

15. What is the effect of an increase in the desired confidence level on the number of observations necessary in a time study?

16. In location planning, the location of raw materials, the location of markets, and labor factors are:

17. A manufacturing firm is considering two locations for a plant to produce a new product. The two locations have fixed and variable costs as follows:

18. When making location decisions, nonprofit organizations differ from for-profit ones in seeking a balance between:

20. Location choice I has monthly fixed costs of $100,000 and per-unit variable costs of $10. What would its total cost be at a monthly volume of 250 units?

21. The break-even quantity can be determined by dividing the fixed costs by the difference between the revenue per unit and the variable cost per unit.

22. Information technology refers to competitive data.

23. Ergonomics is the use of computers and robots in the workplace.

24. An example of a regional factor in location planning is the location of our markets (either existing or potential).

25. For service organizations, the dominant factors in location analysis usually are market-related.


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