EDR 610 Quiz 3 - Question with Answers

  • EDR 610 Quiz 3 - Question with Answers

EDR 610 Quiz 3 - Question and Answers

1. Ms. Manley wants to do a small experiment among first-graders in her school. She wants to be able to generalize her results to the entire group, so she selects 30 students who are representative of all first graders. The 30 students are referred to as the _________ , and all first graders are referred to as the ____________.

2. In which situation might the target population and the sampling frame be exactly the same?

3. Which type of sampling includes random, stratified random, systematic, and cluster sampling techniques?

4. Which type of sampling would likely result in the MOST representative sample?

5. A research team from the local university is going to conduct a study that will involve five high schools. The total population is six thousand students, so the principal investigator decides to use the systematic sampling procedure to select the sample for the study. Which of the following is NOT a step in this procedure?

6. A political scientist is investigating the voting pattern of minority groups in large cities. Which sampling procedure will guarantee equal representation of each group in the sample?

7. There are relatively few teachers certified in content areas like art, foreign languages, and health when compared to content areas like math, science, or social studies. If a researcher wants to be sure these teachers are equally represented in a state-wide survey of teacher's opinions, she should use

8. A reading specialist conducted a study in which she used the convenience sampling procedure. The subjects in her study were the 10 special education students in the school who had a reading age of 7 years. The findings from this study

9. Why does a researcher use purposeful sampling techniques?

10. "Forty high school seniors were selected to participate in the study. All had been rated by their art teachers as having exceptional artistic ability and all had won Art Awards. Of the total, 25 were girls and 15 were boys." Which sampling procedure was used in this study?

11. The use of networking in purposeful sampling is formally known as

12. The use of non-probability or purposeful sampling is likely to affect which of the following?

13. If your subjects have volunteered to participate in your study, what will you need to be careful about so that the research is credible?

14. A researcher who handpicks the twenty subjects for his experiment is likely to obtain misleading results due to

15. Which of the following is a criterion for evaluating the "Subjects" section in a research report?


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