EDR 610 Quiz 4 - Question with Answers

  • EDR 610 Quiz 4 - Question with Answers

EDR 610 Week 4 - Question and Answers

1. The school psychologist administered a series of tests and observed the student in the classroom to determine if he should be placed in the special education class. This process is called

2. Which one of the following represents the narrowest set of things to be done?

3. An example of a nominal measurement scale is

4. Organizing and summarizing data in a parsimonious manner is the result of using

5. All of the following are characteristics of frequency distributions EXCEPT

6. A teacher works with her class in such an effective manner that all but a few of the students master the material at a very high level. The exam scores for these classes are likely to be distributed as

7. The major concern related to using the mean as a measure of central tendency is its

8. The exam grades in History 1001 for five students were 70, 75, 80, 85, and 90. These same students had grades of 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 in English 1005. These two sets of scores differ in terms of

9. A researcher found a strong negative correlation between hours of viewing television and grades in school. This means that

10. Which of the following statements reflects the characteristics of validity?

11. A test is said to be _________ if a person who takes the test obtains about the same score each time it is taken.

12. The authors of the new math test administered the same test to a group of fourth-graders in the beginning and the end of the same day. A reliability coefficient of .90 was obtained using this method, and the authors claimed that their test had high reliability. Were the authors correct in making this claim and why?

13. A researcher is using a scale measuring student's attitudes toward high school drug testing programs. Students respond to each item using a five (5) point Likert scale (i.e., strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, strongly disagree). Which reliability coefficient should be used?

14. Test A containing 75 items was given to a mixed ability group of eighth-graders. Test B containing 20 items was given to eighth-grade honors students. Which test is likely to have a higher reliability and why?

15. If a test is administered to one class of students and the scores from it have very little variation in comparison to the other classes, what is likely to happen to reliability of the test for that class?

16. Which is the implication of the statement, "Reliability is necessary but not sufficient for validity."?

17. Ms. Carter, the special education teacher, has to develop individualized educational programs for all the students in her class. What type of tests should she use to identify what the students do and do not know in each area?

18. A standardized test is characterized by all of the following EXCEPT

19. A standardized achievement test is likely to differ from an informal achievement test on the

20. Standardized aptitude tests are used to

21. If a subject was influenced by social desirability in his response to questions, what type of instrument would be most affected?

22. It is important to examine the operational definition of a non-cognitive trait because

23. A response in which subjects check a point on a continuum between two adjectives is called a

24. Which of the following is an example of faking?

25. An advantage of observation as a type of data collection method is

26. High-inference observations require the observer to

27. A sixth-grade teacher was required to complete a rating scale for one of the students in her class. The student was performing poorly in all academic subjects, so the teacher rated her as low in intelligence, perseverance, honesty, friendliness, and other aspects of personality. The results may be inaccurate due to

28. One weakness of using interviews rather than a self-report questionnaire is that

29. According to the author, the most common type of interview question in educational research is

30. the most efficient way to increase the reliability of responses to interview questions is to

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