NRNP 6541 Week 6 Knowledge Check

  • NRNP 6541 Week 6 Knowledge Check

NRNP 6541 Week 6 Knowledge Check

1. All of the following may predispose a patient to thrush except:

2. Which of the following foreign body in the nose requires immediate removal?

3. Mark, a 10-year-old, has a lot of ear pain. He does not want anyone to touch it and is crying in pain. The ear canal is swollen and exudate is present. The TM is normal. What is the proper management for his patient?

4. A child's head circumference is routinely measured on each well visit until what age?

5. Sarah, age 15, presents with pain and pressure over her cheeks and discolored nasal discharge. You cannot transilluminate the sinuses. You suspect which common sinus to be affected?

6. You are on call and receive a phone call from the parents of a 13-year-old known asthmatic. She has been having chest tightness and a worsening cough for 48 hours. She has significant nasal discharge that began 14 days ago and intermittent complaint of headache. She is now running a low-grade fever. Her peak flow the last 48 hours is 70–80% of personal best. Her temperature right now is 101.7°F. She is on salmeterol with corticosteroid (Advair) and PRN albuterol. Which of the following is most appropriate?

7. A mother states that her 4-year-old son constantly grinds his teeth at night. You document this as:

8. Hannah, age 4, is brought into the office by her father. She complains of a sore throat, difficulty swallowing, copious oral secretions, stridor, and a temperature of 102F. She does not have pharyngeal erythema or cough. What do you suspect?

9. A 7-year-old presents with abrupt fever, stridor, drooling, and hyperextension of the neck. You examine the nose and throat and notice one tonsil is enlarged and there is marked erythema of the pharynx with uvular deviation. Which is most appropriate?

10. An eye that deviates in when covered but that returns to midline when uncovered is an

11. Epiglottitis has decreased due to which immunization?

12. Riley, a 12-year-old girl, has scaly, hyperpigmented lesions in a "Christmas tree" distribution. It is predominantly on her trunk. One lesion is on her buttock that is larger than the other, at about 4 cm in diameter. What is your diagnosis?

13. An 8-year-old female has an edematous, mildly erythematous right upper eyelid for 2 days with a fever of 102.9 (F). Which important eye assessment do you need to consider?

14. You are performing an examination of a 3-year-old who is new to your office. Which finding requires immediate further evaluation?

15. Seborrhea dermatitis is common for both infants and adolescents. Which is not correct for this condition?

16. Chelsea, age 8, complains that she feels as if something is stuck in her ear. What action is contraindicated?

17. Sarah, 7 years old, is in the office today. All of the following are acceptable management options for allergic rhinitis, except

18. Antibiotic therapy is one of the mainstays of treatment for which of the following causes of wheezing?

19. Which of the following eye findings would be considered an ophthalmic emergency?

20. Grace, age 15, has been diagnosed with acne. Which of the following is not true with this condition?


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